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Better building starts here.

Using cutting-edge technologies, we are making life better for those in & around the construction industry.

We solved our own problem

Then, we created an industry.

We are a group of building component experts who became frustrated with finding & accessing the product approval plans we needed to do our jobs.

Now, we curate & provide the largest database of building product performance evaluation approvals available anywhere, with free game-changing features to help your business grow as we did ours.

Building Product Approvals, Evolved

Product approvals are critical to the construction industry, but they are decentralized & maintained on outdated, poorly architected, and difficult to use government agency websites with little to no budget to improve or provide customer support.

Engineering Plans provides a smarter, more insightful way to search and use product approval data so we can build faster, better, and safer.

Our short-term goal

Soon, you'll never have to read a building product plan again. is stretching the boundaries of building product intelligence.
This is all about using the latest indexing & AI technologies to use approved building product plans & data in all-new ways. Summary Explainer:

Frank Bennardo

“As a national building products engineer, I was constantly frustrated with finding & using product approval plans. The experience was terrible. I soon realized it wasn’t just me, and I saw an opportunity to use my technology background to solve a real problem in the construction industry.

Engineering Plans is advancing our industry so we can do our jobs better.”

Frank Bennardo, PE
Founder & CEO

From Our Lab

Site Features

Powerful, all-free site features are helping the industry search, monitor, and organize.



A new industry has been born with the advancements we’ve made in reading & interpreting data inside plan PDF’s.  We are consulting with companies to provide insight never before available

AI Research

The innovations behind the scenes are truly revolutionizing our industry. From very smart answers to reading, interpolating, and providing answers from complex tables in plans, This is where the magic and future of the company is.

Access the world’s largest database of
agency-approved engineering building plans.

A free account extends search & filtering abilities, save, share, & track searches, approvals, & combine to projects learn more.

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