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What is is a searchable database of government & industry-approved building component approvals. We collect, analyze, & share product approvals from top sources so you have one convenient place to search & download your building product approvals. 

Is it free? has made it’s incredible site features free to all users. Create an account to access unprecedented search & tracking features. 

Highly customized reports can be prepared for a premium one-time fee. 

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EngineeringPlans is for anyone in the construction industry who would rather skip the headache of government-run approval sites. Engineers, contractors, architects, and building component manufacturers all benefit from having one central place to find updated product approval information & access never-before seen deep searching capability. 

How do you use AI?
We’ve amassed an unprecedented collection of data around product approvals and the construction industry. We’ve trained our AI model using this data so you can more quickly find what you’re looking for, use natural language when searching, and uncover unique, valuable insights and data points. Our AI features are evolving every day.
How is monetized? is made available by a team of building product experts that also benefit from this information.  The site generates revenue by providing highly content specific information on certain listing pages, and by providing valuable insights that save our clients time and money. 

Our goal is to integrate our proprietary technology into applications from other companies that can benefit from our wealth of building product information.

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