These Tools Will Change Your Business

It’s time to re-imagine how you work with Product Approvals.

If you are in or around the construction business, these innovative features will save you time & money
& produce safer & more efficient designs.

Incredible Fee Features

The Most Powerful Approval Search On The Planet
  • Amazing Product Approval Search
  • Quick Link To Source Website
  • Download Approval Documents
  • Save & Share Searches (with free account)
  • Access Advanced Filters (with free account)*
  • Search Miami + FL in 1 Search (with free account)

Premium User

Essential Tools For Manufacturers & Contractors
$ 29
/month (paid quarterly)
  • Smart Alerts -Huge Feature!
  • Additional Search Capabilities
  • Access Approval History
  • 14 Day Free Trial
  • Support The Development of More AI Features

Research & Marketing

For Those With Custom Needs
Custom Pricing Options
  • Visualize Data Trends Inside Approval PDF's
  • Access Search Analytics
  • Use our AI Engine to Analyze, Plot & Predict
  • Custom Messaging On Your Company's Listings
  • Work With An Experienced Design Professional
  • Custom API's To Power Your Website

Enormous Site Features

Essential information for manufacturers, contractors, & DIY enthusiests

Download Building Plans

Smart search & download over 60,000 building component plans & supporting information.

- No Signup Needed - 

Save Searches & Products

Save plans to project folders

Save your search filters for future use

Share search results.


- Free Account -

Stay Informed

Watch your competition, stay on top of your industry, & be the first to learn of new products brought to market


- Premium Account - 

AI Deep Search Insights

Find trends inside plans. Visualize results over time, searches, geography using machine-learning data sets.


- Enterprise Account - 

Some Engineering Plans have the option to purchase engineer-certified originals which can be used for permitting across the US for a fee.

Learn More - Premium Features

For Manufacturers

It’s critical that manufacturers stay aware of their Florida Product Approvals and of Florida Product Approvals of their competitors.  

Premium Tools For Manufacturers Include:

  • Sign up for alerts & review any competitive products that are coming to market.
  • Reverse-search the Florida Product Approval Database to find products, engineers, & methods to help you do more.
  • Access AI-powered analytics of industry trends to better plan your next product or launch location.
  • Use deep search tools to identify product use within approvals over time.

For Contractors & Developers

Contractors & Developers need access to the best building products for their projects. This saves their clients time & money, & improves safety.

Premium Tools for Contractors & Developers Include:

  • Use advanced search filters to find the perfect product for your need.
  • Easily access product approval PDF’s to submit for permit. No more fumbling with government websites.
  • Get notified of new products that meet your preset filters.

For Designers

Architects, engineers, & design professionals need access to complex search tools to research products to achieve their vision.

Premium Tools for Designers Include:

  • Create complex search filters to identify products to use on your projects in ways never before possible.
  • Get notified when bigger & better products you need come to market.
  • Find hidden product installation information to improve your designs & connect with industry professionals & manufacturers.

For Marketers & Researchers

Product Approval information is a goldmine for marketers. Use AI-powered tools to identify industry trends for your customers, allowing hyper-targeted marketing efforts.

Premium Tools For Marketers Include:

  • Access dashboard analytics that identifies product category searches within geographic areas.
  • Understand product category & keyword density over time.
  • Gain access to new product information to help your customers meet their goals.