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It Starts With A Smart-Searchable Database of Product Approvals

Smart search Miami NOA’s, Florida Product Approvals, Los Angeles LADBS, Intertek, Dr. J’s Engineering, ICC, & IAPMO Product Evaluations

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Over 95k product approvals in the database

Search all ICC, IAPMO, Florida,
Miami-Dade, LA, Intertek, Dr. J, Approvals

Search by approval #, model, manufacturer, or keywords

Quickly link back to source website of product approval

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Save & Share Searches

Save any search criteria as a saved search to save time and effort, free!

Want to get notified of changes in your saved search? Create a Tracker to get email updates with new or updated product approvals.

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Track New Listing Activity & Approval Updates

Now a free & powerful feature, set a tracker to watch for new listings by anyone competing in your product category, watch for new manufacturer listings, or watch your listings for changes.
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Watch a quick overview & case study of the EngineeringPlans.com Tracking System

Organize Approvals By Projects

Organize all product approvals for a project within your account. Engineeringplans.com becomes your product approval home base for all your projects.

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AI Powered Insights

Our powerful AI model is the first of its kind – trained on our product approval usage data to give you analytics and intelligence you’ve never had before.

See behind the scenes of product approval searches and downloads for the first time.

Discover trends of product use within approvals over time, see marketshare, spot your next big opportunity

Access our Deepsearch model & explore trends of products inside approval PDF’s

Advertise directly to your target customers.

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For Manufacturers

Ideally created for manufacturers, our data helps you spot industry trends, trends by location, keep an eye on your competition, monitor your product’s popularity, and advertise on your products & products in your sector. Contact us to discuss deep insight we can provide. 

For Marketers

No more guessing for your construction industry clients – Learn what is being searched where. Help your clients advertise on ground-zero for their industry. Spot marketing opportunities across the multi-billion dollar construction industry. 

For The Insurance Industry

Insurance companies provide significant discounts for building products that protect homes. This database provides an invaluable resource for quickly identifying what products do and don’t qualify for policy discounts.

For Attorneys

Attorneys use product approvals to document code compliance and hazardous conditions that cause harm to people and property.  Quickly finding these code-compliance reports can make or break a case.

For Developers

Building developers rely on quickly finding accurate building product data when estimating & permitting projects. Finding just one product they didn’t know existed can save thousands of dollars times the number of units being developed.  We have stories of developers saving millions of dollars thanks to our easy-to-use building product approval database. 

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