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What Can A DeepSearch Report Do For Me?

Here are some of the many use cases of a DeepSearch report to spark your interest.  Have a custom need? Contact Us. 

  1. You are a manufacturer or distributor that supplies a material or product that’s used by many other manufacturers to create their product – shutter, window, door, parts, sealants, anchors, hardware, etc.
    1. You want to know who they are so you can touch base with them, market to them, keep tabs.
    2. You want to see trends over time – is your presence (keyword) increasing or decreasing code cycle to code cycle.
    3. You also want to know what % of market share you have over your competitors products over time.
    4. You want to know who your ‘top specifiers’ are so you can focus your time to those who matter most.
    5. You are interested in knowing what industry is specifying your product most (such as doors, windows, impact protection systems, etc).
    6. You have legacy products/names that you need manufacturers to change their plans to match.
    7. You may also want to market to those that don’t specify your parts/products.
    8. You may want to advertise on those manufacturer’s pages in EP to help installers easily purchase genuine parts (such as anchors, washers, caulking, etc.).
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  1. You are a manufacturer of a product (window, garage door, etc.) or product distributor and want to create a new product line or update your existing product line
    1. Your competition has greater performance criteria than you.
    2. You want to see by spread of market share who is using materials that give the best performance.
    3. You can filter product approval searches by keyword and a given design pressure, HVHZ, or other search criteria to filter out names of manufacturers and their products that are using certain materials you specify.
    4. You want to see where and when products are being searched, used, and spot trends to target marketing efforts.

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All the information received contains a matching Excel file & access to product listings, documents, and manufacturer data on file.

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