Product Approval Tracking Help Page

Use the tracking system to be notified for events such as:

For New Approval Listings

For Existing Approval Listings

These are just some examples of the many filter types that can be set up for tracking.

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Watch a quick overview & case study of the Tracking System

Step 1

Head over to your DASHBOARD page and select ‘My Tracking Alerts’

Step 2

The page will scroll down.

You’ll see any existing tracking alterts. 

Select ‘Manage Alerts‘ to add or edit your trackers.

Step 3

Select ‘Add A Tracker’ to add a new tracker or in an existing tracker you can see the filter settings, edit frequency, or delete the tracker..

NOTE: to change the filters, delete the tracker and set up a new one. 

Step 4

Name your tracker, select the frequency you’d like to be emailed, & select either to watch for new listings or modifications to listings. 

your tracker name
tracker frequency
new tracker approvals

Step 5

This part is the same for both new & updated listing trackers.

Here is where you set filters to watch for matches.

You can set multiple options in many cases (such as Miami & FL approvals as we have here), along with other parameters to watch for (such as a product category, a specific manufacturer, etc). 

Save your settings & that’s it.  Starting with the next frequency you selected, you’ll receive an email with any updates since the last notification. 



Quick Tip: Watch For New Listings

To watch for all new listings from all databases we monitor, when selecting a new listing tracker, don’t set any filters at all. 

Want to get a bit more specific?  Select only the approval agency you want to watch and save.  You can get monthly, weekly or daily updates of all new listings added to that agency.  

It’s easy, really!

Start Receiving Useful Notifications!

That’s it! you’ll receive emails to the address you signed in on like the one here. 

You can easly click to the approval, document, & even over to the source agency page from the listing detail.

An example email you will receive is shown here. 


Remember once again to check your junk filter if you don’t receive them as expected. 

Save your Tracking Alerts & manage them from your dashboard.

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