Product Approval Tracking Help Page

Product Approval Tracking Help

This page provides help setting up & using the premium tracking alert smart system for monitoring Product Approval activity.


Use the tracking system to set up alerts for events such as:

For New Approval Listings

For Existing Approval Listings

These are just some examples of the many filter types that can be set up for tracking.

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How To Set Up A Tracker

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First, you need to set up a premium account.

From your dashboard, select the Approval Tracking option

& add a new tracker.

*Take note of the email address assigned to the account & send a test email to ensure it’s sent to your inbox. If not received, check your spam & set to safe email.

Give this tracker a name you can identify it with.

Select the frequency you want the alerts sent.

You can select daily, weekly, or monthly.

Select to track either a new or existing listing.

Each option comes with unique smart parameters & are performed individually.

To create an alert for new listings that are added to the system,  create & save a filter from the search page by:

1: Setting the filter terms you want.

2: Saving that filter to your account.

3: Saved filters will then appear in the tracking wizard & can be attached to the alert.

To track existing listings, you have the option of tracking individual products or to activate one of the search filers.

Activating one of the search filter options works just like new listing tracking above.


Save your alerts & manage them from the approval tracking page.

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