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Miami Dade NOA
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Flexible Wind Abatement Impact Protection System

Listing Details
Impact Protection Devices
Flexible Wind Abatement Systems - Fabric
Miami-Dade BCCO - VAL
Official Site Status:
File Expired
High velocity hurricane zone
Expiration Date:
Impact Resistant:
Large and Small Missile Impact
Design Pressures:
-130psf / +130psf
Possible CSI Codes:
CSI Code: 10 26 23.13 - Impact Resistant Wall Protection
CSI Code: 26 32 23 - Wind Energy Equipment
CSI Code: 48 15 00 - Wind Energy Electrical Power Generation Equipment
CSI Code: 26 43 00 - Surge Protective Devices
CSI Code: 28 05 09 - Surge Protection for Electronic Safety and Security
Miami Official Listed Report Status: File Expired
Official Listed Positive Pressure: 130
Official Listed Negative Pressure: 130
Official Expiration Date: 1704603600
Subcategory: Flexible Wind Abatement Systems - Fabric
Manufacturer Info
Armor Screen Corporation is a leading developer and manufacturer of armor technology and security solutions for military, law enforcement, and civilian applications. Founded in 2005, the company specializes in advanced composite materials, transparent armor, and vehicle armoring systems that offer superior protection against ballistic threats, explosive devices, and other hazards. With a commitment to innovation and exceptional customer service, Armor Screen Corporation has established a reputation for delivering cutting-edge armor solutions that enhance safety and security in the most demanding environments. View all listings
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Contact Information
Douglas Turner
2744 Hillsboro Road,
West Palm Beach, Florida 33405 United States
Listing Changes
Last Synced: 01/09/2024
Change Log effective March 1st 2023
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NOA 20121514
NOA 20121514
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