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We bet you didn't realize how much planning there is with designing a sign

Signs are extremely important as it pertains to a business, but signs can also serve other purposes. Signs can also be used for decorative purposes.

There’s a number of different sign types you can choose from, including channel letter signs, digital signs, neon signs, LED signs, pylon signs, cast metal signs, and more. We have a large selection of sign resources to help you with your next project.

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Important Sign Design Considerations

Ground Mounted Signs

Ground mounted signs have unique design challenges.  Soil characteristics determine the footing size and shape needed to resist high wind and seismic conditions. During flooding conditions, soils become saturated, weakening the ground resistance and actually making concrete lighter by nearly 50%.  Posts need to be designed to handle wind and impact forces, sometimes being designed to ‘break away’ at times of impact.  The sign frame needs to be securely fastened to posts, and all components need to be minimized from becoming flying debris.

Access samples of ground mounted sign plans to understand the many design parameters to consider with your sign design.  Purchase certified ground mounted sign plans for permit & construction.

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Wall Mounted Signs

Wall mounted signs offer a completely diferent challenges for design. Most important is understanding what the wall is made of you are connecting to. Consider the worst case wind loads, gravity loads, and wear and tear on both the anchors and the wall surface and build in a reasonable safety factor when connecting sign letters to the wall.  Find the proper anchors to fasten to – wood, concrete, masonry, steel framing, or possibly other substrates.  

Browse our library of sign plans to see various types of wall mounted sign plans for lighted, rail mount, or direct mount channel letters.

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