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Come along the impact window installation journey with us in this entertaining micro-documentary

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Take a closer look at some of the items seen in our window micro-documentary

Windows and doors play a critical role in protecting a home from storms, heat, and cold. We’re installing Florida Product Approved large missile impact glass on our Build A House project. 

These windows and doors are also Low-E (low energy) glass which resist heat and cold. 

Take a look at some of the design and installation moments from our micro-doc.


Windows & doors are tested and performance rated to meet strength, energy, and waterproofing standards. This Lawson Windows label lists the Florida Product Approval number along with design wind pressure, heat, light, and energy efficiency ratings for the product.

Specially-designed suction cups clamp to windows & doors to aid in transport. These are rated to over 100lb of lift each.

The plastic shims shown in the micro-documentary. They are angled to provide the exact spacing requirements, and can be doubled up to provide additional shim correction. 

Thse can be cut and snapped off and caulked for a flush finish, typically up to 3/8″ maximum.

A good window installation company comes prepared with a bank of charged drills and screwdrivers.  Here you see the shims, anchors, batteries, and all the tools needed for the team to complete the day’s work. 

Closer Up - Shim Spaces

This is a close-up of the gap between the impact window and frame that needed the solid plywood shim as shown in our micro-documentary.

Work in-progress as the impact windows are leveled in-place using plastic shims.

Installed window with plastic shims to level

This is the finished product of the leveled impact windows ready to be caulked and drywalled per the plan details shown below.

Technical Corner - Plan Tutorial

The Engineering Behind The Plan

Learn to read the construction plans

Plan Page: Window Installation

Window Schedule

Every building plan has some form of window and door schedule. 

These tables list the opening mark for each are of the plan, along with detailed information of each opening.

You’ll see by clicking on the schedule to enlarge that these rows contain

  • Frame and window dimensions
  • The height of the header above finished floor (AFF)
  • The required design pressures that opening will feel during a design wind event as calculated by the project engineer
  • The Miami Dade or Florida Product Approval registration number of the window
  • The design pressure the product is approved to in the registration documents
The clouded area signifies a revision to the plans after submittal.

The design plans also contain detailed information about how the windows and doors are installed, waterproofed, and finished.

Here you can see the 1 X 4 wood buck from our micro-documentary, how the buck and window are installed with the required Tapcons, the waterproofing coatin (Lexon was used our project), and how the drywall and stucco are installed to provide the proper finish. 

Roof Truss Blueprints. Click/press the photo to enlarge

Javier & Billy

These guys are the talented installers that did a great job for Palm Aluminum & Glass on our project.

They’re featured in the Impact Window Installation Micro-Documentary and were a pleasure to spend time with and learn from.  Thanks guys!

Lawson Window Spotlight

Visit Lawson Industries website for more information on these large missile impact product approved documents.

Lawson manufactures aluminum single-hung, horizontal rolling, awning, designer and picture windows, as well as a full line of impact-resistant windows and doors in standard and custom sizes. Some of their products feature an energy efficient removable sash, and others filter out 99% of harmful UV rays, stop hurricane force destruction and reduce outside noise up to 34%.

Lawson offers numerous materials that won’t rust, warp or absorb moisture, and that meet the most rigorous testing requirements of the South Florida Building Codes.

In addition, Hurricane Guard by Lawson allows you to experience the best of both worlds: the beautiful and efficient design of Lawson windows and doors with impact-resistant protection that until now was possible only with shutters.

window performance label sticker

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