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Engineering Plans is taking you from the guts to the glory of a two-story CBS house construction in a high-wind area of South Florida.

Be entertained, be informed, & get ready for a ride from dirt to design. 

Episodes airing regularly from November 2022 until move-in day.

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Part 2: The Building Components

We are producing special content for our favorite part of the project for this segment. Stay tuned for some amazing new episodes.

Aluminum picket fence and gate install how to

How To Install An Aluminum Picket Fence & Gate

Watch This Engineer’s Guide To Installing an Aluminum Picket Fence & Gate Watch this engaging video as an engineer narrates the installation of this mechanically …

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pvc fence thumbnail

How To Install a PVC Fence & Gate

Watch This Engineer’s Guide To Installing a PVC Fence & Gate Watch this engaging video as an engineer deconstructs the installation of this PVC Tongue …

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cement thumbnail widescreen

8 Cement Mixes To Build This House

We Explore 8 Uses of Cement Mixes To Build This High Wind House In South Florida Watch our micro-documentary as we tour you through construction …

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Roofing Installation

How is a Roof Built? Watch Our Step-by-Step Roof Installation We take to the skies to deconstruct, step by step, how this cement tile roof …

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Drywall Video

Installing Drywall from A-Z

Learn The Drywall Installation Process- Watch The Massive Micro-Documentary We compiled weeks of installing drywall into this informative & entertaining walkthrough of the process at …

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YouTube Framing-MEP Thumbnail

Installing Framing – Mechanical – Electrical – Plumbing

Framing, Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing Installation Micro-Doc Watch the interior framing, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing installation in this entertaining micro-doc Beyond The Video (A Micro-Doc) …

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Window installation video thumbnail

Installing Impact Windows

Watch Our Impact Window Installation Micro-Doc Come along the impact window installation journey with us in this entertaining micro-documentary See & Learn More Take a …

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plumbing rough example

Custom House Design Selections Decision Time

Design Sections While Construction Continues There’s something going on every day on-site, all of which will be explained on upcoming episodes. But there are times …

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Part 1: The Shell

masonry house construction with 2nd floor steel column framing

Episode 10 – House Construction Shell Examples

One Shell Of A House We close Part 1 of our Build A House Series with an overview of other masonry house construction projects in …

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night shot of wood trusses delivered to jobsite before installation

Episode 9 – Roof Trusses & Sheathing

Topping It Off Roof trusses are set & roof sheathing is installed to complete the construction shell. Read on to learn about the process, watch …

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wood stair stringer profile

Episode 8 – Wood Stair Construction

It Starts With The First Step This was difficult to visualize from only the stair floor plans. Walk through the stair project and take a …

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wood framed house under construction

Episode 7 – Build A House Side Stories

Not All Houses Are Created Equal While our team prepares for the next steps of the second-floor construction, take a moment to read some of …

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2nd floor lintel install overview

Episode 6 – 2nd Floor Masonry

Masonry Balancing Act The shell team builds the second-floor masonry walls from 20 feet high. While similar to the first-floor masonry walls covered in Episode …

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Front window corner overview at floor trusses

Episode 5 – 2nd Floor Trusses

Up, Up, & Away As soon as the first floor tie beam – tie column concrete cured, it was time to get to work stripping …

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pool dig 1

Episode 4 – Pool Dig

Pool Digging In The Dirt It was necessary at this early stage of construction to get the pool started.  This is because of supply, labor, …

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concrete pour beam sill

Episode 3.1 – The Concrete Pour

So Big It Needs Its Own Episode Pouring concrete into these carefully made forms filled with steel is no easy task.  It takes a team …

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tie column into second floor framing 2

Episode 3 – Tie Beam Tie Column

All Tied Up With the first floor masonry walls in place, it’s time to tie them all together. This is necessary not only to give …

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Masonry Wall Block On Slab Stacked For Installation

Episode 2 – 1st Floor Masonry Walls

Bricks And Sticks There’s more to masonry construction then cementing blocks together to make a wall. In this episode, see inside walls to learn how …

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House Foundation Empty Lot pre formwork

Episode 1: The Foundation – Build A House Series

In the season premiere, the land is cleared, formwork & reinforcing are laid out, & the slab is poured to start our build. Watch & learn more.

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build a house front elevation architects plan

Episode 0: The Project – Build A House

Brick by brick in near real-time, watch & learn as we construct a two-story CBS home in a high-wind area of South Florida from land clearing to move-in day.

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