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Engineering Plans is taking you from the guts to the glory of a two-story CBS house construction in a high-wind area of South Florida.

Be entertained, be informed, & get ready for a ride from dirt to design. 

Episodes airing weekly from November 2022 until move-in day.

Season 1: The Build (The Guts)

Front window corner overview at floor trusses

Episode 5 – 2nd Floor Trusses

Up, Up, & Away As soon as the first floor tie beam – tie column concrete cured, it was time to get to work stripping …

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pool dig 1

Episode 4 – Pool Dig

Pool Digging In The Dirt It was necessary at this early stage of construction to get the pool started.  This is because of supply, labor, …

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concrete pour beam sill

Episode 3.1 – The Concrete Pour

So Big It Needs It’s Own Episode Pouring concrete into these carefully made forms filled with steel is no easy task.  It takes a team …

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tie column into second floor framing 2

Episode 3 – Tie Beam Tie Column

All Tied Up With the first floor masonry walls in place, it’s time to tie them all together. This is necessary not only to give …

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Masonry Wall Block On Slab Stacked For Installation

Episode 2 – 1st Floor Masonry Walls

Bricks And Sticks There’s more to masonry construction then cementing blocks together to make a wall. In this episode, see inside walls to learn how …

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House Foundation Empty Lot pre formwork

Episode 1: The Foundation – Build A House Series

In the season premiere, the land is cleared, formwork & reinforcing are laid out, & the slab is poured to start our build. Watch & learn more.

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