How Do I Use a Florida Product Approval?

The Overall Product Approval Use Process, Explained

A Florida Product Approval is a certificate that verifies that a specific building product meets the state’s safety and construction standards. To obtain a building permit in Florida, you need to ensure that critical building products you are planning to use in your construction project are approved by the state (see more about that by clicking here). Here’s how you do that:

  1. Determine the products you need approval for: Before you start, make a list of all the product types you plan to use in your construction project. This could include items like windows, doors, roofing materials, and more. 

  2. Find the right approval: For each product, research the Florida Product Approval database to determine if it has been approved for use in the state. You can occasionally find this information on the manufacturer’s website as well.

  3. Provide the necessary documentation: If a product has been approved, you will need to provide documentation of the approval when you apply for your building permit. This might include a certificate of approval or a copy of the approval from the Florida Product Approval database.

    1. Florida Product Approval Cover Page Screenshot
      Example of the Florida Product Approval Website Product Cover Page
      Save or print the product’s installation instructions PDF.
    2. Take a screenshot of the Florida Product Approval Cover Page.
    3. Submit the Florida Product Approval Number (with decimals and revision numbers, for example, FL29068.2-R1 to the reviewing agency).
  4. Apply for your building permit: With the necessary documentation in hand, you can then submit your building permit application to the local building department. They will review your application to ensure that all the products you are using are approved and meet the state’s standards.

  5. Wait for approval: Once you have submitted your building permit application, you will need to wait for approval. This can take a few weeks or longer, depending on the complexity of your project and the workload of the building department.

Saving Money and Finding The Best Products For Your Project

The Florida Building Commission’s website is extremely limited in searching through the tens of thousands of building products they have registered online.

Using the Search Page, you can quickly smart search through approvals to find the best products for your needs. From there you can search online for local dealers and availability.  Advanced features of include more search options, searching inside product PDF’s, and being alerted to new and changing products on the market that meet your needs. Learn more about these features by clicking here.