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Engineering Plans: Gates


Find ideas & resources for gate designs from sources throughout the US.

There’s a wide range of different gate designs that can be used for your next project. While gates will always be used as an entry and exit point, gate plans can also incorporate designs to give your property a personal, stylish look.

The right gate can give you a unique look or complete an overall design to fit your project. Choose from aluminum or steel gates, wood gates, vinyl gates, pvc gates, sliding gates, automated gates, and much more. Here, you’ll discover a vast array of gate plans and dresources. Browse through pre-engineered fence design plans and purchase these permit-ready plans online today. 

Black aluminum welded swing gate and fence

Gate Considerations

wood gate in grass with sky

Gates are typically for areas to restrict pedestrian or vehicular traffic.  

Gates can be sliding, swinging, or overhead-opening. 

Each gate style comes with unique design considerations for access, privacy, durability, and strength during adverse weather conditions. 

Lesser-thought-of considerations for gate designs are ADA accessibility requirements, child safety, and security. 

Sliding - Rolling Gates

Sliding or rolling gates save space when a large opening radius is restricted. Sliding gates come in single or double sliding & are typically motorized & remote-controlled for security access.

Sliding gates come with many design challenges.  Since they are typically wide, sliding gates can sag or fatigue over time. Proper sliding gates have code-compliant connections, diagonal bracing, or enough rollers to support the frame.

During high wind conditions, sliding gates should be opened & secured to avoid them coming loose & create flying debris. 

sliding gate glass door wall chain link fence

Swinging Gates

Aluminum swing gate welded fence

Swinging gates come with unique challenges. Posts and footings for swinging gates need to hold the gate when opened and subjected to additional design forces. The gate needs to operate in high winds, snow & ice, and over thousands of cycles. 

Additionally, vehicular gates are typically larger and are constantly subjected to stresses as the large gates hang off the hinges. Diagonal bracing, cables, and strong welded or bolted connections should be designed by licensed professionals experienced with the unique characteristics of swinging gates. 

These design plans provide a good starting point for discussion with your design professional to provide signed and sealed plans for building department submission and construction.  

Unique Gates

There are countless gate design types. Shown here is true wood barn door which is frequently copied in modern residential applications. In this case, the beam above as well as all supporting connections need to be designed to handle the barn door gate from continuous and jolting movements.

Other unique gates include various styles of overhead door openings, like garage doors.  These gates are similar to traditional gates but open upwards to gain access. They are typically used in open garages.   There’s no end to what you can come up with when considering a fence opening or barrier to a property.

Gate manufacturers & distributors can connect with the plan engineers and discuss creating or modifying plans for their product lines.

Wood Barn Door on farm

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