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Engineering Plans: Windows

Why Do You Need To Plan For Your Windows?

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Engineering planning is needed for windows to protect against things like head/cold, fire, impact debris, wind, flood, and even seismic conditions. 

Windows are typically tested to meet rigorous state & national standards before installation.  Some windows receive product approval from evaluation services like the ICC, Miami Dade, Florida, Texas, IAPMO, and ADA standards to name a few.

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Technical Resources


Egress is the ability to exit via a window during a hazardous condition such as fire, storm, etc.

Here’s an article from Building Code Trainer explaining window egress requirements.


Fire-rated windows & doors are typically needed in public & commercial facilities such as schools, hospitals, etc. They go through an intense manufacturing & testing process to receive a rating (in minutes of fire exposure, such as 20/45/60/120 minutes) before they are installed. Safti-First publishes as helpful article on the topic


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