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Storm Panels: From Coil to Store Shelves

Storm Panel Journey: From Coil To Store Shelves

Watch how Building Products evolve from idea to market in this engaging video 

Here’s a rundown of the building product journey:


1) Product Inspiration

→ Great products begin with a need (such as the devastating effects of a hurricane) and a spark of innovation.

2) Design

→ From selecting proper materials to simplifying installation, everything must be considered.

3) Manufacturing

→ Acquiring the right equipment, constant calibration, maintenance, and training add to costs & production times and must all be considered.

4) Testing

→ Proof of adherence to national standards like ASTM is necessary for code approval.

5) Engineering Evaluation

→ Review and certification from a design professional is a typical requirement for a life safety product.

6) Product Approval

→ This is the ‘green light’ to product entry. Many products require some sort of approval before use to protect against elements like storms, earthquakes, heat, cold, and fire.

7) Marketing, Specification, & Sales

→ Getting building products found from architectural specifications is a challenge.  Technology and innovation are at the cusp of making big changes.

8) Permitting & Installation

→ Easy to use and understand building product information saves time, and money, and provides for easier and better construction.

Thank you for watching the video on storm panel creation. 

And yes, capturing that shot while hanging over the rolling machine was an adrenaline rush!

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Video Transcript

I’m here at Eastern Metal Supply to explain how this 28 gauge steel coil rolls into product-approved, impact storm panels. Let’s walk through the process.

This machine is roll-forming storm panels to protect windows against hurricanes.

Each wheel is precisely calibrated to progressively form the panel until the design shape is achieved.

Panels are cut to size and keyholes are punched for easy anchor installation.

Before storm safety building products can be sold, they must be tested in a lab for both impact and cyclical forces in a variety of configurations to simulate the effects of a category 5 Hurricane.

Different mounting conditions need to be tested, such as this H header and sill angle.

A design professional interprets the results and prepares an evaluation report for use in design, permitting, and construction.

The document is submitted to an accredited agency for approval like Florida or for a Miami-Dade NOA.

Once approved by the governing body, the product is ready to be brought to market.


Special Thanks

Special Thanks to Eastern Metal Supply for allowing us to film their manufacturing process

Special thanks also to American Test Labs of South Florida for allowing us access to their archives of Eastern’s Storm Panel Testing.

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