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Building Products: Approved Without Testing? Learn How

Sometimes building product testing isn't required. Here's why

There are many code-approved conditions where structural performance testing isn’t required for building product permitting & use.

Here's a quick explainer video

3 Takewaways

> Generally, this applies to products outside the habitable space of a building envelope

> Rational Analysis can be performed for continuous load path based on established principals

> Many code references substantiate this such as IBC/FBC 104.11, FBC/IBC 1604.4, and Florida’s FAC 61G20-3.001

Other testing may be required, such as smoke/fire, UV, and electrical systems to name a few.

Video Narration

Building products that don’t provide life-safety protection may not require testing before use. 

But if these building products are exposed to weather, they must still be properly designed to meet wind, snow, and seismic requirements.

Let’s walk through the process for these decorative Bahama Shutters.

Aluminum extrusions are cut and assembled to the required size.

Parts are locked together with end screws.

The assembled shutter is then sanded to a smooth finish.

This performance evaluation can be designed by calculation, taking into account maximum stresses, deflections, and connections.

The aluminum is then sent through a powder coating process to be finished in the color the customer desires.

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