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Installing Drywall from A-Z

We compiled weeks of installing drywall into this informative & entertaining walkthrough of the process at this 2-story home in South Florida.

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Teams At Work

There’s so much to installing drywall that it took teams of installers weeks to prep, install, and finish drywall over the many complex surfaces.

This image shows progress across the tall tray ceiling, extended fireplace, kitchen, pantry, and hallways.

Watch the video micro-doc to see how it was done, & take a look at the photos below for a closer look.

A Closer Look

Some behind-the-scenes images of the drywall installation process in the video micro-doc.

Click/press the images to get a closer look.

Pallets of ProForm Joint Compound are delivered. the quantity of buckets needed is based on the total surface area of installation and calculated from years of trial & error.

5/8″ Type X Gold Bond Purple Drywall is delivered in 4′ X 12′ sections to the jobsite.

Drywall is placed in quantities needed in each room for easier installation.  These loads add up though.  Shoring is required under second-floor rooms to secure.  See that image next.

A view of the garage where you can see the shoring that’s directly below the drywall placed above (see previous image). 

The garage walls are lined with R-13 insulation to protect against fire and thermal changes between the garage and the home.

A helpful photo illustrating the installation of the window, window buck, wood framing around the interior wall, and drywall.

The covered window framing after the corner bead & joint compound is below.

Before - After

This is the house’s iconic corner windows. Slide the bar to see how they went from concrete to installing drywall.

Before After

Other Details

In addition to the taping shown in the video micro-doc, RedGard Waterproofing was used to seal joints in showers as part of a building code requirement.

Close-Up of the GoldBond puruple drywall meeting regular Type X drywall, Drywall Tape, screw, and coutout for an electrical switch.

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