What are the pros and cons of obtaining a FL approval vs a Miami NOA for my building product?

Our friends at Engineering Express published an informative article of opinion on the benefits of both Florida and Miami Dade Product Approvals.

The article lists the pros for each and cons for each approval type.

Of course, having both approvals is a valuable asset in both categories.  Also, Miami Dade NOAs, once obtained, can be submitted to the state of Florida as a ‘deemed to comply approval to obtain a Florida number & certification.

Read their informative article by clicking here


  • If an FSA or NOA is desired, an FSA is the more common election made by product manufacturers in our experience.
  • This is because an FSA can offer much of the same benefits as an NOA, but at a lower cost.
  • An NOA is a more rigorous and involved method of product evaluation relative to an FSA.
  • The most common reason for obtaining an NOA is that an NOA is required for your product in order to sell/install your product in Miami-Dade County. This is the case for many building products, such as a window, door, or hurricane shutter. However, an NOA is not required for most mechanical equipment. Some building officials may ask if you have an NOA number for your product, but for most mechanical equipment installations, it is not a requirement to have an NOA.




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