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It Starts With a Dream has a dream


Our dream is to walk you through, step by step, the entire house-building process so that you can deep-dive into the content you want to learn more about.


We’ve selected a dream house to follow along with the construction from soil to move-in and bring you everything we learn along the way.  Enjoy the journey with us.

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A micro-documentary of the home building process

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Without doubt, a popular and trending way to start your dream house design process off is to find a close match to the house plans that fit you.  By purchasing these plans, you can then mark them up either with online tools or print and go to town with colored markers to get your ideas down.

Your visit to an architect with these assets will save you thousands of dollars in consulting fees and allow you time to think through your dream design.  Plans purchased typically come with the drawing files as well, saving you tons of time and money for the archtect’s drawing time.


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