Episode 7 – Build A House Side Stories

Not All Houses Are Created Equal

While our team prepares for the next steps of the second-floor construction, take a moment to read some of these interesting articles relating to the design aspects of our project.

What About Wood-Framed Houses?

This article explores the differences between our masonry wall construction and wood-framed construction commonly found across the US.

Note the difference between wood & our masonry wall construction

How Can I Move My Existing Column?

You may be renovating your house, and while our Build A House may be entertaining, you already have columns you want to move. 

This article explains the process and warnings of how it’s done.

We review the installation of new columns supporting wood trusses in our 2nd floor truss episode. Seeing both of these articles gives a better understanding of support columns.

Stairs & Railings - Part of Two-Story Houses

Two-story houses have stairs. Stairs have railings.

This article explores the conversion of a Tuscan-style stair & railing to a modern showpiece. 

Where’s Our Stairs?

Our Build-a-house series wouldn’t be complete without discussing our stair design. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves, stay tuned…

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