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Miami Dade NOA Approvals Education Center

What are the pros and cons of obtaining a FL approval vs a Miami NOA for my building product?

Our friends at Engineering Express published an informative article of opinion on the benefits of …

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Where Can I Find Miami Dade Product Approval Forms For NOA Submission?

About Miami Dade Product Approval Forms Miami Dade maintains a library of forms on their …

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What Are The Requirements For Miami Dade NOA Product Testing?

There are various Product Testing Requirements to obtain a Miami Dade NOA. Here are the rules …

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What Testing Laboratories Are Approved For Use With Miami Dade NOA’s And Whats The Process For Scheduling?

What Are The Approved Testing Labs For Use With Miami Dade NOA’s? You can find …

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What are Miami RAS Protocols & Where Do I Find Them?

What Does RAS Mean & Where Are They Used? Miami RAS Stands for Roofing Application …

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What are Miami TAS Protocols & Where Do I Find Them?

What Does TAS Mean & Where Are They Used? Miami TAS Stands for Testing Application …

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What’s the process for creating a Florida Product Approval or Miami Dade NOA?

To start, there are numerous articles by Engineering Express on the topic you can find …

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What’s the allowable aspect ratio of fixed impact glass in the HVHZ?

Often times a glazing product is approved for large missile impact, but requires a field …

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About the impact rating standard in the Florida Product Approval Database

In the state of Florida’s product approval website, there’s a setting called ‘impact’.  This setting …

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What is the HVHZ – High Velocity Hurricane Zone in Florida?

The HVHZ, or High Velocity Hurricane Zone, is an geographical location in South Florida that …

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Florida & Miami Product Approval Searches Made Easier

Florida is known for its stringent building codes and safety regulations. In order to ensure …

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