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Why do I see a Miami-Dade NOA in the Florida Product Approval System?

When searching for a Florida Product Approval, occasionally a Miami-Dade NOA appears. Why is this and which one should you use?


The reason for this goes back many years to the development of the Florida Product Approval System in 2001.  In short, the state created a statewide system for product evaluations which superseded the only existing system at the time existing only as a county system (Dade County).  In the development of the state rule, FS 553.8425 was brought into Florida Statute which permitted ‘Local Product Approvals’, such as a Miami Dade county approval, to be ‘deemed to comply’ with the state rule if the conditions of the statute were met.

While Miami-Dade NOA’s are frequently accepted by building departments across Florida, they are done so using the ‘local approval method’. Registering that same approval with the State of Florida system renders them ‘officially approved’ by state rule.

Hence, either the FL number or Miami Dade NOA number could be used in the approval of the product for permit, provided the installation is within the limits of the evaluation. Technically, the state-approval listing should be used to be most compliant with state rule, but the Miami-Dade NOA tends to be more recognizable as a top product within the state of Florida and beyond. maintains synchronized copies of both Florida & Miami-Dade Product Approval registries side-by-side for easy searching and retrieval of Florida, Miami, and other agency approval documents.

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Miami-Dade NOA to a Florida Product Approval

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