Where Can I Find Miami Dade Product Approval Forms For NOA Submission?

About Miami Dade Product Approval Forms

Miami Dade maintains a library of forms on their product control website.  They are presented in categories in PDF form for applicants to follow during application submission.  These links are as of mid 2023.

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General Miami Dade Product Approval Publications

The list of publications are:

Product Approval General Checklists

Follow these checklist guidelines when submitting or renewing a corresponding Miami-Dade Product Approval Application.  See the bottom of this page for product-specific checklists to follow.

Agreement Forms

Use these forms when creating a distributor or private-label agreement. These processes allow the use product approvals by more than one company to help share costs or assist an association.

Laboratory Forms

Quality Assurance

Miami Dade includes a quality assurance program with their NOA approval. To ensure proper quality assurance, see & follow these guidelines

Certificate Checklists

These checklists list the minimum certificate of competency requirements for various building products.

Checklists for the Approval of Roofing Products

Checklists for the Approval of Other Products

Checklists for the Verification of Green Sustainable Attributes

For a complete list of updated forms, visit the Miami Dade website by clicking here. Please visit that website for updated information.

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