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What Testing Laboratories Are Approved For Use With Miami Dade NOA’s And Whats The Process For Scheduling?

What Are The Approved Testing Labs For Use With Miami Dade NOA’s?

You can find a list of approved testing labs on the Miami Dade website by clicking here.

What Are The Requirements For Using An Approved Lab & Test Report?

  • If you or the lab do not notify Miami-Dade County of the test 7 days prior, your test is not valid and your tests will not be accepted.
  • The approved engineer listed with the certified testing laboratory has to be present during the execution of a given test. If the listed engineer is not present during the test, that test shall not be accepted.
  • A group of manufacturers of a particular product can get together with the purpose of testing for approval. A request for such testing must be made to the Regulatory and Economic Resources Department prior to the testing (use the special project / hourly rate application). The intent of this procedure is to try to help manufacturers of the same products curtail the cost of testing.
  • A Certified testing laboratory’s report shall not be older than six months at the time it is submitted for product approval.

Use this form to notify Miami Dade of an upcoming test.

This information was obtained & original, updated content can be found on the Miami Dade Product Control Website.  Please visit that website for updated information.

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