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What is the Miami Dade NOA Expiration Date For And How Is It Used In Obtaining My Building Permit?

About The Miami Dade Expiration Date

A requirement of Miami-Dade is a periodic quality assurance review of the manufacturing facility in order to obtain a Miami-Dade NOA certification. 

That expiration date is the date the Quality Assurance contract expires with the manufacturer.

That date is DIFFERENT than the date of the applicable building code. 

Permits using the Miami Dade NOA documentation must align with the Code Expiration Date, NOT the quality assurance date.

Quality assurance expiration dates are unique to Miami Dade, but the Florida Product Approval System also uses expiration dates. While not listed in the approval document, Florida’s QA dates are monitored by the state and the listing is pulled if not current. For Florida approvals, make sure the listing is ‘approved’ at the time of permit.

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Why The Expiration Date Matters

When a permit is applied for, the building code in effect is not always the code at the date of the permit application.

An open building permit in 2022 for example may have a window permit in 2024 when a new code is in effect (the 2023 FBC vs 2020 FBC). 

In this case, both the code date and QA expiration date are valid and the document may be used.

If for example a 2020FBC permit was applied for on February 1, 2025, the document shown here would NOT be approved as the QA date expired.

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How To Find The Building Code Expiration Date

Always check the general notes of the performance evaluation plans of the applicable Miami-Dade NOA to find the applicable code references.

In this case, this particular listing is approved to the 2017 and 2020 Florida Building Code but NOT the 2023 FBC. 

So if a permit was pulled February 1, 2024, the QA date shows it’s current but the product would NOT BE APPROVED since it is out of current building codes.

Always check for code compliance when using any performance evaluation as the codes change. the 2023 FBC for example now uses ASCE 7-22. The prior code version used ASCE 7-16.  You can also see that in the highlighted box shown.

Solutions When An Outdated Miami NOA Is Found

Many times the applicant may be developing the updated plan or the plan may still be in review with Miami-Dade.

We suggest contacting the manufacturer to see if there is an updated plan available.  It may possibly be updated as a Florida Product Approval,  but not Miami Dade. 

The best solution is to use this website to quickly search for an updated product listing or another approved product that will meet your needs.

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