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About The Florida Product Approval Numbering System

How Does The Florida Product Approval Numbering System Work?

The numbering system the State of Florida uses to register Florida Product Approvals can be tricky if you don't understand them.

Here's a breakdown of how the State of Florida product approval numbering system works.

Part 1: Approval Root Folders

Each new application to the state system is given a unique ‘FL’ number.  Let’s use FL123 for our example.  

The next new application would receive the next number, FL124.

Listing root folders are typically needed for each unique product category if putting multiple products in at once, or given a new FL number if inputted separately.

Part 2: Listings Within Folders

Applications with multiple products being uploaded at the same tim within a product category are given decimals for each product listing uploaded.

Applications with only one product are given just the .1 designation, such as FL123.1, FL123.2, FL123.3 or FL124.1.

Part 3: Listing Revisions

When a product listing is updated by the manufacturer, the root folder is updated with an R-1 label.  Technically, the initial application is R-0.

When the folder is re-opened, the applicant has the option of re-submitting all or some of the decimals in that folder.

This leads to confusion in that a product FL123.2-R0 could become a product FL123.1-R1.  This is why it’s always best to refer to the full product application reference.

Things To Remember

  • An approval from a previous revision could still be approved for use if a newer product is uploaded. New revisions do not invalidate previously approved listings.
  • A revision may not be approved but a previous approval with the same decimal may be, depending on the order the listings are submitted.
  • It’s always best to reference the full FL number, including decimals & revision marks when identifying listings.  / utilizes the full listing identification number to catalog Florida Product Approvals.

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