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How to Enter the Hurricane Market for Building Product Manufacturers

Here’s a great article by Intertek’s Jose Colon highlighting the steps, pros, and cons of certification, marketing, and sales of building products.

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In this blog post, Jose E. Colon , director of U.S. Sales for the Building and Products division of Intertek talks about entering the hurricane market. Jose discusses how to enter the hurricane market and will provide insight on the following topics:

  • Understanding the market: The first step to entering any market is to understand the market. This includes understanding the needs of the customers, the competition, and the regulations that govern the market.
  • Developing a product: Once you understand the market, you need to develop a product that meets the needs of the customers. This may involve developing a new product or modifying an existing product.
  • Testing and certification: Once you have developed a product, you need to have it tested and certified by a qualified laboratory. This will ensure that your product meets the applicable building codes and standards.
  • Marketing and sales: Once your product has been tested and certified, you need to start marketing and selling your product. This may involve developing a marketing plan and reaching out to potential customers.

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