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What is a Florida Product Approval placeholder and why is it used?

About the Florida Product Approval placeholder: The Florida Product Approval System permits the registration of building component products inside the state rule.

That process permits edits to uploaded listings until the bi-monthly product approval deadline, then roughly 7-10 days after the deadline if submitted.

The catch-22 to this process is that many want the product approval number to appear on evaluation drawings and documents, or there may be reasons to edit and finish approvals after they are submitted.

For this reason, entities submitting for a Florida Product Approval upload a ‘placeholder document’ so the FL number can be retrieved or the time to finalize can be extended beyond the registration cutoff date.  Once the documents are finalized, the placeholder is replaced with the actual drawing.

Florida Product Approval Placeholder Example

Many frequently see the ‘placeholder’ document and are confused.

Always check the report status of product listings to see if the approval is in fact approved for use.

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