When Is A Florida Product Approval Required?

Products That Need Product Approval in Florida

So you want to build in Florida…

Residential and commercial structures require a permit.  Those permit documents list the building products used to construct the project.  Many building products in Florida require a Florida Product Approval and must be able to meet or exceed the design requirements of the building being built.

But not all products require a product approval.  Florida developed an Administrative Code (61G20-3.001) that mandates the requirement for a product evaluation and approval for permit and construction.

This Administrative Code, however, only applies to certain building components of a primary structure.  That list of products requiring a Florida Product Approval include:

  • Exterior Doors
  • Windows
  • Panel Walls
  • Roofing Products
  • Shutters
  • Skylights
  • Structural components
  • System for Impact Protection

Florida Administrative Code Definitions

The Florida Administrative Code takes the definition of each category further. From 61G20-3.002:

For Exterior Doors:

  1. Exterior door assemblies: roll-up, sectional, sliding, swinging, automatic; pre-engineered roof access hatches; and products introduced as a result of new technology.
  2. Exterior door components and products introduced as a result of new technology.

For Windows:

Awning, casement, dual-action, double-hung, single hung, fixed, horizontal slider, projected, pass through, mullions, and products introduced as a result of new technology.

For Panel Walls:

Siding, soffits, exterior insulation finish system (EIFS), storefronts, curtain walls, wall louver, glass block, and products introduced as a result of new technology.

For Roofing Products:

Built-up roofing, modified bitumen roof system, single-ply roof systems, spray-applied polyurethane roof system, roofing fasteners, roofing insulation, asphalt shingles, wood shingles and shakes, roofing slate, roof tile adhesives, cements-adhesives-coatings, liquid applied roof systems, underlayments, metal roofing, roofing tiles, waterproofing, roofing accessories that are an integral part of the roofing system and products introduced as a result of new technology.

For Shutters:

Accordion, Bahama, storm panels, fabric storm panel, colonial, roll-up, pre-engineered equipment, protection, and products introduced as a result of new technology.

For Skylights:

Skylights, and products introduced as a result of new technology.

For Structural Components:

Truss plates, wood connectors, anchors, exterior coolers-freezers, insulation form systems, engineered lumber, pre-engineered air conditioner stands, structural wall components, and roof deck, and products introduced as a result of new technology.

For Impact Protective Systems:

Types that are fixed, operable, or removable.

Products That Don’t Require A Product Approval

Any product not on the list above is considered ‘outside the rule’ and product approval isn’t required.  That doesn’t mean products outside the rule don’t exist in the Florida Product Approval System, only that they are optional and can be engineered by a Florida registered architect or engineer and certified to the specific project in question.

Examples of products ‘outside the rule’ include such items as:

Patio covers, sunrooms, railings, fences, gates, sheds, signs, carports, awnings, rooftop equipment (other than covered in structural components)

Additionally, the state product approval system registration is optional.  Architects or engineers have the authority to create a ‘Local Product Approval’ so long as it meets Florida Statute 553.8425.  Certain testing, product validation and quality assurance requirements do apply, and this method does slow down the permitting process so a Statewide Approval is always recommended.

How To Find Florida Product Approvals

A database updated regularly is maintained on EngineeringPlans.com/Search for the quickest & most flexible way to search Florida Product Approvals.  It also links back to the Florida Product Approval Website for access to source records as needed.


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