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With tornados in South Florida already in January 2024, we thought it was timely to ask ‘Are we ready for more tornados in Florida?’

ASCE 7-22 is about to come into effect in the 2023 Florida Building Code on December 31, 2023. The code has a new chapter for tornados.

So we asked’s DeepSearch system, how ready are we? More specifically, how readily available are tornado-resistant building products, and are construction industry manufacturers producing them for the Florida market?

By deep-searching inside over 300,000 documents across 7,300 manufacturers in our database as of December 2023, we found only 23 manufacturers’ reference tornadoes in less than 100 listings (0.31% of all manufacturers).

Tornado by Manufacturer - Pie chart format


Tonado by manufacturer - Bar chart format

This is a signal to manufacturers to begin their research & testing to bring more tornado-resistant products to market. It’s time. Our technology at helps deep-search existing product evaluations to determine what’s working and what’s missing in the market to help manufacturers produce products that are safe and will sell.  Contact Us to discuss your needs.

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