4 Popular Sunrooms & Where To Find Plans & Installers

4 Popular Sunrooms For All Four Seasons

Learn about four different types of sunrooms & where to find sunroom design & installation plans

We’d like to introduce you to four popular sunrooms which have been perfected after many years of research, installations, testing, engineering, and enjoying.

These sunrooms are sold by Four Seasons® Solar Products, LLC and we had the chance to tour their incredible showroom – manufacturing facility in Long Island NY Summer 2022.  What we found was truly an extraordinary treat for staff at Engineering Plans.

Four Seasons Georgian Conservatory Sunroom

About Our Tour

This summer our staff was invited to visit Four Seasons Solar Products, LLC®  in Holbrook, Long Island.   

We scheduled a visit to their manufacturing facility, and we were very impressed not only with their skilled staff and impressive product showroom, but also with their advanced manufacturing facility.  In this facility,  they create and ship sunrooms in modular form to installers across the country.

We learned about their many sunroom types and the technical parts of testing & installation.

Here are several sunrooms we learned about along with plans & where to find more information.

Four Seasons Showroom
Four Seasons Showroom
Sour Seasons Factory
Four Seasons Manufacturing Facility


The Four Seasons Sun & Stars Studio room is a monoslope (flat, pitched) glass roof with finishes in aluminum or wood cladding.  High-performance glass  brings dramatic natural light and tremendous views deep into the heart of your home.

It’s designed for year-round living and is customizable to adapt to your lifestyle and look and feel of your home.

The rooms can be heated or air-conditioned and maintain high wind and energy efficiency.

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Four Seasons Sun and Stars Studio Sunroom


This sunroom style takes the monoslope glass roof further by adding a rounded front-end, creating a seamless transition between glass roof and glass wall.

The night views will be spectacular and you’ll enjoy this breathtaking space in this all-year design.

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Four Seasons Curved Eve Sunroom


Cathedral sunrooms have a double-sloping glass roof with a ridge top beam, providing high ceilings with enormous views of the great outdoors.

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Four Seasons Cathedral Sunroom


A conservatory sunroom is the crown jewel of sunrooms.  Offering a classical architectural design, conservatory sunrooms provide a curved glass roof shape that blends with your breathtaking outdoor scenery.

Complex in design but built to withstand extreme weather conditions, these sunrooms outperform and over-deliver.

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Four Seasons Conservatory Sunroom

In Summary

While we just discussed four popular sunroom types that Four Seasons Sunrooms offers. There’s a lot more to explore with Four Seasons Sunrooms, and a lot more from our tour.

We encourage you to explore the resources they have available, and if your are interested in getting a quote from a local dealer, that link’s below too.

Four Seasons® Solar Products, LLC websiteFind a dealer in your area

Visit Our Sunroom Page

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