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Free Shed Custom Design Tool

Design Your Dream Shed / ADU For Free

We found this free shed design tool from a company called Sheds Unlimited that allows you to work in 3D designing a variety of shed, barn, workshop, and studio (office or hobby) sheds. 

The web tool will render your design and even give you a price to purchase from them if interested and all it asks for is your zip code.

You can change the shape, size, colors, doors & windows, and save your design. It’s fun to play with and create your ideal shed plan.

Questions? Contact Sheds Unlimited at (717) 442-3281 or [email protected]

Make Sure Your Shed Is Up To Code

Many municipalities require proper engineering for sheds and ADU’s to ensure they can withstand code design forces for wind, snow, water leakage, even seismic and flooding conditions. 

Even if design plans are not required by your local building department, it’s still a good idea to consult a design professional to ensure the shed is not only properly designed, but a proper foundation is created and the shed is properly tied down and anchored to the foundation and ground.

Sometimes engineering design is required for insurance or when you sell your house so saving a little today could cost you a lot in the future.

More Help

Be sure to visit our Shed Page where you can learn more about shed types, important design considerations when building or buying a shed, even purchase modern or classic sheds & ADU’s.

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